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Hallstatt Travel Guide

Hallstatt is home to the real Swan Lake, postcard perfect views and charmingly pretty vibes!


The Sydney Instagram Café Guide

If your camera eats before you do then check out this Sydney cafe guide!


Dubrovnik Travel Guide with The Wandering Aesthete

If you adore clean blue water, medieval towns, fresh produce and European vibes then this is the city you need to visit!


The Wandering Aesthete City Guide to St Petersburg article featured on We …

“Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” – after visiting this amazing land I couldn’t agree more


The best cafes in Vienna & Salzburg

Austria has cultivated a deeply refined ability to draw people into their grand coffeehouses, cafes & hotels, to ensure you never want to leave!


The Grounds of Alexandria – a guide to Sydney’s best coffee playground

Come and explore one of Sydney’s most loved food & coffee destinations in this photo & blog guide to the ultra Instagrammable Grounds of Alexandria!


Exploring the Ancient Acropolis of Athens

Socrates, one of my favourite classical Greek philosophers, once said that “wisdom begins in wonder”. I vaguely understood what he meant when I started travelling a few years ago – ultimately though, it was a form of poetic justice that I was to end up truly comprehending the meaning of his statement, in Socrates’ beloved home of Greece.


Top 10 must see places in Paris!

There’s a quote by Jules Renard which says “Just add three letters to Paris and you have Paradise”


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