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The Grounds of Alexandria – a guide to Sydney’s best coffee playground

Come and explore one of Sydney’s most loved food & coffee destinations in this photo & blog guide to the ultra Instagrammable Grounds of Alexandria!


Exploring the Ancient Acropolis of Athens

Socrates, one of my favourite classical Greek philosophers, once said that “wisdom begins in wonder”. I vaguely understood what he meant when I started travelling a few years ago – ultimately though, it was a form of poetic justice that I was to end up truly comprehending the meaning of his statement, in Socrates’ beloved home of Greece.


Top 10 must see places in Paris!

There’s a quote by Jules Renard which says “Just add three letters to Paris and you have Paradise”


Welcome to The Wandering Aesthete!

Wandering = moving from one place to another, exploring.

Aesthete = someone who is sensitive to & moved by beauty, art, music, etc.


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